Episode 25: Wherein We Culture Pop and Go Transmedia

Taylor Ellwood

Taylor Ellwood pop culture magickTaylor Ellwood is an occultist, consultant, and author with over 20 books to his credit. Taylor discussed his new book, Pop Culture Magic Systems and provided some basic outlines for developing an entire paradigm and system of magick based on pop culture.

In the extended Salvage League interview, Taylor went much further in-depth concerning both the theory and practicalities of developing a pop culture system of magick. If you like what you hear, please consider a Salvage League membership. You can find out more on the Salvage League page. And remember that if you sign up before October 30th, you’ll automatically be entered in the raffle to win a collection of prizes including a one-of-a-kind handcrafted enchanted item made by yours truly, gorgeous signed art prints by occult artist Lexie Takis, the Aleister Crowley commemorative button and refrigerator magnet collection, and a certificate for a half-hour tarot reading from Jane Pierce.

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James Curcio

James Curcio Fallen Cycle Narrative MachinesIn our second interview, James Curcio discussed his many occult-oriented projects. From comics to books to music to films, James explained the ways in which he uses a variety of media to tell stories and comment on our culture, politics, and belief systems.

In the extended Salvage League interview, James talks more about his various projects, discusses the state of the modern news media, and even turns the tables a bit on me and coaxes some information about a project I have in the works involving David Bowie, the occult, and magick. If you like what you hear on the Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard, please consider a Salvage League membership. You’ll not only hear more from your favorite guests in extended episodes, but get access to forums, salvage-league exclusive interviews, music, an ever-expanding occult library, and lots more that’s in the works, all for $5 a month (or even less if you opt for a 6 or 12 month membership). Producing this podcast isn’t…inexpensive…and it’s what I eat, sleep, and breathe. To sign up or learn more, click the Salvage League menu button at the top of this page!

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Masks: Bowie and Artists of Artifice
Tales From When I Had a Face
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