Episode 3: Wherein We Interview Reverend Terrie Brookins


In this episode, I talk a little bit about my experiences at ConVocation 2016 and what I learned. As promised, here’s the link to Kenn Day’s website www.shamanstouch.com. I also interview Reverend Terrie Brookins: a fascinating and knowledgeable woman who wears many, many hats. Terrie is the Managing director of the Pagan Business Network, proprietress of Beaux Magique, a Pagan minister and wedding officiant, graphic designer, and social media consultant. In addition, she is a singer, a djembe drummer, a teacher, and a Tarot reader. She is a practitioner of Afro-Celtic Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Folk Magick, and Bardic work. We discussed a little bit of everything in the time we had together, and I still feel like we barely scratched the surface. The good reverend will definitely be back again!

Reverend Terrie Brookins
Reverend Terrie Brookins

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