Episode 4: Wherein We Interview Occult Author Taylor Ellwood


Taylor Ellwood

Taylor Ellwood
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In this episode, I interview occult author, mad scientist, and magickal experimenter Taylor Ellwood, and discuss his latest book, Pop Culture Magic 2.0. The conversation ran the gamut from the growing acceptance of pop culture magic(k) among Pagan and occult traditions to how video games can be incorporated into one’s magickal practice. I’ve always been interested in this subject and Taylor’s depth of knowledge and ability to succinctly get complex concepts across has given me a lot of food for thought. Give it a listen, then let me know what your thoughts are on the topic.

The CulpritIf you’ve been listening to the Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard, you’ve no doubt heard the annoying humming or buzzing that often accompanies me when I’m speaking. It has been my nemesis for months. Well, I finally tracked it down to the source and showed it how we do things downtown. It turned out to be vibrations in the metal desk and microphone arm I was using. Unfortunately, I didn’t solve the problem until after the interview with Taylor Ellwood, but from here on out, the sound quality should be tres magnifique. The Hum from Hell is particularly nasty during my half of this interview, but I hope it doesn’t take too much away from your enjoyment. “Onward and upward!” as my old man was fond of saying. Thanks for listening and be sure and drop me a line!