Episode 2: Wherein the Nightgaunt Talks About Some Stuff

Due to last-minute scheduling conflicts, our guest had to be rescheduled at a later date. Instead, the Nightgaunt addressed a number of different topics. In response to some listeners’ comments, I spoke a little about the bare-bones basics of chaos magick and my thoughts about dreams and out-of-body experiences. I also expanded upon my personal experiences involving OBEs. I touched upon my impressions of Rufus Opus’ Seven Spheres and my plans to follow that particular pathworking. I discussed my fascination with time magick, and went into a little about Fotamecus, the viral time compression and expansion servitor. As promised, here’s a link to that ancient document. You can find some follow up info on Fotamecus here. Remember, next week’s show will be the Convocation 2016 Special, so be sure to listen!